A TBT for the Ages

A TBT for the Ages

March 10, 2016 2 By Fabian

It’s Thursday and apart from it being just a day to ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, there’s a phenomenon that takes over the world of social media. Yes, it is Throwback Thursday or as popularly known, TBT. Today I woke up to that and boy was it epic! My earlier tweets (about Arsenal) which in current context would be nothing short of downright embarrassing were unearthed and broadcasted to the entire Twitterverse. And the perpetrator in chief was none other than our site’s admin, Peter. But you know, the good thing about this digging up of old dirt is that everyone has some and anyone can do it. So of course, I and other Gooners returned the favour. I think we won the TDO TBT bantz.

It got me thinking about what the new generation of football fans has become. With the convenience of the 140-character limit of Twitter, we basically document all our emotions that we go through while supporting the teams we love. And I mean every emotion. Like a good proportion of what we tweet really don’t reflect what we actually stand for, at least in the long term. Or maybe the opposite is true. Either way, what’s certain is that these spur of the moment wordings make for priceless comedy so much that even you who posted them are left in awe and rather resigned dismay as to what the hell you were thinking at the time.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you TDO TBT. First up, the awkward:

Judith’s love for Arsene Wenger is undying, but some of the things she says due to that love are outrageous. Like this one about Abou Diaby. Wait, when was everyone praising Diaby?


Then she goes ahead and well, let’s just say that Joel Campbell in her book is way better than Diego Costa and that Benzema guy. Then again Wenger wanted to sign Benzema at some point?



Well, I too wasn’t left behind in spewing stuff that I now cringe while looking at: I mean, talking about Gonzalo Higuain who didn’t even sign for us, and praying for Wayne Rooney who was never going to sign for Arsenal. Though I was right, it would be quite the shift in our transfer policy at the time.


Oh, and then there was a time I really thought we’d get Nuri Sahin.

IMG-20160310-WA0078Peter chimes in. Though I’m still trying to figure out which one among these is the more awkward:

IMG-20160310-WA0080 IMG-20160310-WA0076 IMG-20160310-WA0074

Well, one Rafinha is at Bayern Munich while the other is in Barcelona. Arturo Vidal did eventually move from Juventus yes, but to Bayern and Dani Alves is still very much supplying assists to Lionel Messi and co.

Manchester United fans will always give you the look whenever you dare remind them of the David Moyes era. Which makes this enthusiastic welcome by Festus all the more strange:


Then there’s this warmest of welcomes from Tukei for Charlie Austin. Though to be fair, Austin did actually make the move to Old Trafford, scoring the winner on his debut for Southampton early this year.


There were also harsh truths, you know, those ones that you just say in oblivion, in passing and then later you realize you just might have jinxed things. Like this one on unlikely commentary lines. I did write it rather light-heartedly, but now I am beginning to believe it may never happen. Ever.


Or this one about Eden Hazard. The statement has remained true ever since he left Lille in 2012. Ok, maybe we have ‘challenged’, whatever that means.


Aaah, my favourite subject with Man United fans. Louis Van Gaal. I can assure you that neither Peter nor Festus are enthused about the guy these days.


Well, since LVG came along, they have never been champions of anything. Or anywhere. Maybe Anfield. Or rather, Juanfield.

Of course there had to be the customary Festus welcome. Gold, that one. Oh wait, not gold, but god!


Throw in a very needlessly pointless fact to remind people of you research prowess. Had to be me.


Is there anything more pleasurable to write than the Top of the Table tweets? I think not!

IMG-20160310-WA0111 IMG-20160310-WA0021 IMG-20160310-WA0028 IMG-20160310-WA0052

There’s swearing, premature title talk, taunting the others who aren’t top and declaring the league’s apex as our rightful. We Gooners, are indeed a special bunch. And even United fans who always mock us for the top of the table stuff managed to sneak in to the top at some point which I can’t recall.


And finally, what’s a fan’s bread and butter, oxygen and opium if not wishful thinking?


In as much as every Gooner is salivating for the speedy Gabonese international, pledging to go to bed with shoes on? Really? On the same note, look at this bomb squad David Moyes had…or not. We wouldn’t breathe. I mean Alex wouldn’t let us.


And a while back United was actually destined to win the treble and they weren’t joking about it. Ibra’s only regret is that someone beat him to the tweet by seconds.


This wishful thinking is usually characterized by wild imaginations that, well, sometimes come think of it, aren’t so wild. Like Peter’s here:


I mean I can imagine Antoine Griezmann behind Anthony Martial; in the France team bus at the Euros or even on the pitch at the same tournament. Of course that’s not what he meant.

And finally, I don’t know when I fell for Eden Hazard, but it sure must have been a major crush. Either way, I am not ruling it out.


The tweets that made it here are just the more palatable ones from today’s TBT. If I posted everything, there’d be scores literally baying for my blood. It’s true what they say after all, the internet never forgets. Next time you’re having itchy fingers and charged up emotions…go ahead and tweet so we can reminisce later and have a laugh.

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