SOCCER IN THE SUN AND DUST : A player should cost sh800.

March 6, 2015 By @frishee

SOCCER IN THE SUN AND DUST : A player should cost sh800.

Day 3 : March 4, 2015.

I’ll let you in on a small problem we have. The field is too small. There are only two pitches in the whole ward and one is banned from public access (odd considering it is public land). This means that there is one field for three senior teams and the juniors to train. We train in one half, our biggest rival the other, the other senior team trains under a Mugumo tree and the juniors train behind our post. Football is a game for everybody, we share the dust and the leather in any way we can.

So today the training started on time. Thursday and Friday usually register record attendance as the indolent lads know that there is no loading or body strength exercises. It’s just ball work and the small sided game. The coach continued with shooting training. I must admit that I am a bit worried though; there is no proper training for the defenders. You have to understand, this is because the coach is a forward and I am confused. I guess the Internet will help with that.

As I had mentioned, the number of players on Thursday and Friday is too high so the game couldn’t be called small sided. It was 13 vs. 13. This is like a mob chasing a ball. If the team had the whole field to itself, then it would be bearable but most players were just trotting. It was decided that in case of such high numbers, we’ll get three teams and play 7 minute games where the best team stays.


The biggest news of the day is that the team acquired a top striker from another rival team. The guy has punished us a couple of times including a brilliant brace and an assist against us a few weeks ago in a third place play-off match where we lost 3-2. The said player was the top scorer in the last tournament with 10 goals in 8 games. He is brilliant and really disciplined. The only problem is that his former coach is asking for too much. The rule is that a player transfer will cost the new club a total of Sh. 800. This is Sh. 300 to the football office and Sh. 500 to the former club. The manager however wants Sh. 1200 to his club which means a total of Sh. 1500. The player is ineligible to play for the team until this is cleared which is unfortunate considering our luck and lack in front of goal. I think I will get a copy of the FFP rules for this coach. Who does he think we are? Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid?

I am looking forward to the final day of training for the week. It is usually filled with drama, flying tackles, beautiful team moves and showcasing of individual brilliance.

See you tomorrow.

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