Euros 2016 Fantasy – Antoine Griezmann

Euros 2016 Fantasy – Antoine Griezmann

July 10, 2016 0 By Kevin Omondi

The finals are here!!

Tonight: a ball will be kicked! It would be unfair, unbecoming for this gargantuan finale to be reduced to a showdown between personalities, two individuals in the persons of Christiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann. Yet again, this will be about Cr7, the Lord and Saviour and Griezmann of Macon.

They have met before, most recently and importantly during the Champions League Final in Milan on the 28th (and 29th) of the month before last, where the Frenchman missed a penalty in the 48th minute; in contrast, by the time Cr7 was done stepping up to the spot, The Merengues were lifting their 11th Champions League trophy, the second in three years they’d pip Atletico to.

This time will be different, tonight should be different. Tonight must be different.

I would like to get this off my chest, I have flirted with doubt on the master and faltered. I am sorry. And tonight really I am on the precipice of convincing a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana. A fool’s errand.

Admittedly, Ronaldo has had to contend with criticism that he hasn’t had a stellar season. Yet, in his worst season, he single handedly took Real Madrid to the Champions League final, and put the ball past Oblak in the final. For country, Portugal is synonymous with the demi-god. In fact without Cr7, the then coach Bento lost to Albania, and lost his job, replaced by F Santos, the gaffer who has purists knickers riled up in knots for what has been an underwhelming performance in France- that has them in the finals.

Nevertheless, Christiano has been the banana. It hasn’t always worked out, only one win in regulation time, a telling tale. But Cr7 has been there, with neither pen nor lip able to adequately describe his work ethic, passion, drive, anger, height to meet the umpteen crosses that Santos has instructed the rest of the team to put in for Nani and Roro to meet. 600 minutes and counting, Rui Patricio and Christiano Ronaldo.


It is a well known secret that my pre tourney favourites were and have been, save for the semis, the hosts, France. 6 goals so far, Griezmann has been a head above his peers, and of his peers, Santos has ceded that yes, from Samuel Umtiti, through to Pogba, Payet and Antoine- the French team is a hive. Deschamps has had to tinker with his side almost every other game, finding the perfect mix-and-match outfit that would have them running up, down and around every opponent to the finals, well of course except the Swiss and most recently the Germans. Oh and yes, it was a penalty. Bastian handles the ball, Griezmann, blasted it in and the game turned on its head!

France has been litt! And of the flames the brightest has been Griezmann. This will be Griezmann’s night.

Everyone else:
Sue picks:


Evra        Koscielny     Pepe

Payet       Sanchez        Pogba    Adrien Silva

Griezmann       Giroud      Ronaldo


This game is France’s to lose.