Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Day 8.

April 11, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Day 8.

“With courage you can do without a reputation”

I’m generally a very shy person and I don’t like mingling with people. In fact, most times I prefer hanging out with animals. They make more sense. Sadly, football, this love of my life is only played by people (well, and the elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). The spectators are also people and they are people from all walks of life.

When I was walking to the field the other day, I came across a loyal fan of the team. He was exuding fumes that could light a fire and, well let me not describe the smell on him. Anyway, he stopped me and asked me how preparations for the game are going, if all players are fit, apologized for missing the match last Sunday (he left the local pub late) and finally asked about the match venue for the semi final. Then we parted ways.

That incideNT got me thinking. What if dearest mother had seen me talking to a person who looks like that? Her piercing look? What would she say? What would I say? That got me thinking about whether it is possible to really have a good reputation, or be considered dignified when you are in the football fraternity. Whether you are a player, a fan, on the technical bench or just a stakeholder, is it really possible?  I realized that as a supporter of football, it doesn’t matter your background. It is indeed the ballet of the working class.

During the espirit de corps that comes with supporting the local team or just any other team for that matter, we forget where we are from, what we do or even how we look. At that time we have a common goal and we go for it. The game doesn’t care whether you had C2H6O or C8H10N4O2 for breakfast or whether during the week you work in the fields or in an office, the game brings people together. It is a game that brings beauty and cruelty together both in the field and off it. Therefore, I do not care who I talk to as long as they care about the team. In fact, I appreciate all the fans because they support the team financially and morally. There are instances when we find our transport to the match paid for by a fan, or the referee fee. The noise they make is also amazing and drives the team forward.

But I digress. So, training…. Well, the rains are back. This means that I will get rained on at least twice a week as I trek home from the field. It also means that the dust has changed to mud. The shoes are heavy and mobility is impeded. All the same, training goes on. We have been training with two players who will be in the opposing team for the semifinal on Sunday. We had thought of chasing them but the lads just love the game and it would be unfair as they have no other training facility. Also, they will be joining us after the tournament ends and the midfield will officially be immensely improved. We have been searching for a top attacking midfielder and a proper holding midfielder and that has come.

The Suarez of our team (refer to Match day 1) has been scoring fantastic goals in training and he deserves a start but he is a walking red card. He is one player that is hard to deal with plus his ever present smile makes it hard to reprimand him. He is the sort of player that tells you that when he touched the ball with his hands, he was praying for the Maradona Hand of God favor. Oh wait…. He actually said this.

Anyway, training has been good. The boys did lots of loading and ball work. I certainly hope that the team will be up for it on Sunday.

See you on Match Day Two.

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