April 11, 2015 4 By Victor Mwangi

7 games. 21 points. That’s what’s up for grabs, with exception to Chelsea  that still have an extra 3 points to play for. That is the Barclays Premier League for you.

As it stands, Chelsea are top with a game in hand, sitting with a pretty good figure of an impressive 70 points, followed closely by Arsenal with 63 points, United with 62 points, City with 61 points, Liverpool with 54 points, Tottenham with 54 points and Southampton with 53 points. That is how the EPL table stands as of today. Yes, without a doubt, one of these 7 teams will emerge the victors of the Barclays Premier League 2014/2015 without a doubt. Three of them will automatically qualify for the UEFA Champions league leaving one team to fight it off in a two-legged playoff match just to enjoy the illusion that they were among Europe’s elite. One of them will qualify for the Europa League and two of them will have to leave it to fate depending on who wins the domestic cups. That’s English football for you.

Nobody cares about what talent your team had over the course of the season, except the one question; DID YOU WIN?

Of course, at the start of the season, there were clear favourites; and that was, of course Manchester City, who are, as everyone is aware, yet to defend the EPL title. But then, Chelsea emerged as stronger favourites, despite selling Juan Mata. We all seemed to think it Mata’d.  Chelsea’s best midfielder (debatable considering the form Oscar was in) to Manchester United, who had already acquired Van Persie from Arsenal. But then, Arsenal went on to acquire, easily the La Liga’s best winger at the time that didn’t carry purses and hand bags, Alexis Sanchez. United were not to be left behind. Angel Di Maria had to be purchased. That sly little fellow that provided all those assists for Ronaldo when Ozil left. Ander Herrera too.  They gave up Welbeck along the way. Liverpool weren’t going to be left behind, despite losing the human vampire to Barcelona, and bought the likes of Emre( Cant.


Tottenham, I will leave out your story for now, specifically as a matter of principle concerning your claims that the gifted Christian Eriksen is better than Ozil. Enough said. The Hurricane Katrina, I don’t even know what to say about you. But then again, Carrick was once named as England’s future captain.



Ozil assisted some people to get girlfriends based purely on his performances for Germany alone!

Southampton lost the most, but for some reason, this is a team that isn’t going down any time soon. The team lost a host of big names, with the likes of Adam Lalana opting out and Morgan Schneirderlin almost leaving for greener pastures that are the Lane, Luke Shaw to United, Dejan Lovren to Liverpool, Calum Chambers to Arsenal, Rickie Lambert to Liverpool (again),Jack Cork to Swansea…  yet you managed to keep the faith, terrorizing teams as you wished. Charlie Austin style. He would have been a great addition except you went for Pelle.

Now, as I started, some of these teams will fade into oblivion, at least until the January 2016. (I have not included any team past position 8 on the league table because it seems inconsequential.) I Disregarding previous predictions (especially because BBC Sport and a host of other websites predicted Arsenal would be at best sixth by now- someone predicted Arsenal would finish eighth), here are my predictions:

  1. Chelsea –              We all expected it. Hazardous from the start.
  2. Citeh –              Goal Difference will be the only reason you will beat Arsenal.
  3. Arsenal –              How? You were clearly a mid table team in November. May you keep smoking what Wilshere smokes.
  4. United –              Welcome back to the top four. It isn’t a trophy as Arsenal have learnt over the years. We wish you all the best in your                     Hope you aren’t Blinded tho..
  5. Southampton –              European football baby!!!
  6. Liverpool –              You should have used the money you got from Suarez wisely.
  7. Tottenham –              In Eriksen we trust, don’t we?

Ps. Special Mentions: Gerrard, if you ever decide to do a sex change, consider being the Minute Maid. Diego, why you Costa my FPL team? Raheem, join Arsenal already, will you?