Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Diary Extras.

May 4, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Diary Extras.

Well, the weather hasn’t been friendly which means that there has been little for me to do in terms of training. The mud is horrible and it is widely believed that the rain causes flu and sore throats (I blame viruses and bacteria myself but what do I know?). The problem with soccer in the dust is that when it rains it becomes mud. The field is totally unplayable and who will clean those shoes anyway?

So in this edition I will let you in on some of the worst and the best aspects of training with the lads.

I’ll start with the worst. The worst thing that can happen to me (and it happens sometimes) is forgetting to change my brassiere. The bra is an important gear and there are different types that serve different purposes. I’m not a fashion expert or a mammary expert so I can’t go into detail about this. However, I know that the bra I use for my day to day activities is not the one I should wear when I go to the field. The normal bra is not nearly as supportive or as stable as the sports bra. The problem with the normal bra that offers less support is that the girls get more exercise than the rest of the body and should the ball hit me on the chest, the pain would be worse. The sports bra is not only supportive but it is also protective. There is also no chance for the sports bra to become undone. This happened once when wearing a normal bra and I had to find the nearest bush to clamp it back. Annoying, and distracting.

The second worst thing to happen to me is getting a sudden menstrual cramp while on the field. Rarely happens because, well, exercise helps. It has happened though. A cramp so painful you just want to roll on the ground or tear out the abdomen. The problem with training with the lads is that this cannot be explained and I just swallow the pain and move on or take a five minute breather. Anatomical problems I tell you.

The pleasures are many though. Playing with the lads is a joy. As I mentioned earlier, everyone wants me on their team when there are no bibs because it means that they’ll keep their jerseys on. I am also a rather hard working player of most days and when I play in defence it gives my team-mates the joy of venturing upfront (if I don’t blow my own horn people will use it as a spittoon).

The guys also tend to play softer against me. This is unlike in a girls’ team where we are all girls and the injuries are more. Playing with the lads means I have less injuries (when I do get an injury though, it is bad. One would think I got run over by a small vehicle.)

The lads are generally composed. There are no hard feelings and this is something that I have come to appreciate. There is the occasional insulting and hands thrown in the air and revenge tackles but the next day everything is okay. Such is a principle I would love to apply in daily life – learning to let go.

The best thing about the training is when I see a player improving day by day and eventually being a key member of the team. As you probably know, I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to football. I believe that a player should be given a chance till it pays off. I have seen it pay off more often than not and that is true joy.

Anyway, the biggest game in the ward is on this Sunday. It is a decider of who proceeds in the Champion’s Cup. Y’all wish my boys luck.

Till next time. Prost!


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