Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : DAY 5

March 20, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : DAY 5

Welcome back. I like my paper diary as it does not go through any technical glitches and I can write it any time. It feels good to be back and I apologize for the absence. It was caused by the tech-guy who runs the website. He has an IQ that matches the number of points his English Premier League side- he is a Manchester United fan.

Anyway, I’ll summarize to you what has happened in the days I’ve been absent. We have played two matches. We won the first 2-0 and lost the other 1-0. The two were different tournaments though. In the 2-0 win, the players missed the chances anybody’s grandmother would have buried. An empty net, two tap ins, a free header and a three vs. goalkeeper situation. I think goals are getting rarer, not because of a change in rules or tactics, but because players just can’t score. But we won. However, we lost the left-back (and consequently the only left-footed player in the team) to a nasty injury. This proved costly in our next match which we lost 1-0.

The loss was marred by poor officiating and the fact that we played at our Wembley. The pitch is huge and as I realized, the players are not used to big spaces. We shall work on that….as soon as we get a bigger training pitch. If you remember, I told you we share one pitch among four teams. The 1-0 game was lost but the players won the bloody fight that ensued after. It is tough trying to manage a men’s team. It is tougher when their testosterone levels go over the roof and they start throwing punches and kicks, it is even harder when they proudly claim that “we lost the football match but won the fight”. I’d have preferred to qualify to the next stage of the competition but that’s gone.


The transfer saga has since been resolved. The team managed to sign the player for KShs. 1100 which we will soon recoup by selling a fringe player to the team that gave us their top player for the same amount. Football is unfair sometimes.

At present, the team has two matches on the next match-day (matches-day in our case) because we have three games at hand. We have won all our five games in this particular tournament but we face two tough opponents with an early kick-off derby at 9 a.m. and a late kick-off at 4 p.m. The team we face at 4 p.m. is known as Fishing Flies (or Fries); I cannot be sure because where I come from ‘L’ can be ‘R’ and vice-versa. I must say I am still baffled by the name. Why would a football team be called that?

Training this week has been focusing on the energy levels of the players because there are core team members who will have to play 90 minutes for the two matches. We must win the games to enhance our chances of moving up the pyramid. We have managed to sign another player but as you guessed, he is a forward. I now have a team of 30 players with three natural defenders, 2 utility players and 25 forward minded players who can’t score. I am looking for advice from all the coaches out there who are reading this. Do you guys suppose that I could reinvent the 2-3-5 formation and make it work?

The sun has been crazy and the dust is too much. If it doesn’t rain soon I’ll be inviting people to witness the beautiful sand dunes that will have formed on our training pitch/ home ground.

Till next time. I have to go clean my cleats before I can take them to the dust again.

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