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From 64, we are down to 8. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia has been a wonderful festival of football. Shock, drama, heartache, jubilation and a myriad of uncommon emotions that are quite difficult to put in words. One thing we all agree on is that this has been an entertaining tournament so far. I asked football fans to share with me their thoughts on 5 areas of the World Cup. As expected VAR has taken the bulk of the conversation. The fans also have a lot of time for Kyllian Mbappe and that Croation midget, Luka Modric.

1. Which game have you enjoyed the most so far?

Argentina vs France. I don’t think we are gonna witness a more intense match. Also, because Lionel Messi’s shot on target was the only one that never went in ?… Oh and watching Kylian Mbappe do his magic – @Sysca_

France vs Argentina. I wanted to see Lionel Messi retire once more after giving his bare minimum performance and playing coach – @ednahjacksons

Belgium vs Japan. I have been supporting Belgium. I honestly thought they were out. Germany vs South Korea was also entertaining more so because of the shock value. – @RamzZy

France vs Argentina. Kept me on my toes for 90 minutes. – @Susan_Mumbua

Spain vs Russia – @ilfabiano

Russia knocked out Spain in the Round of 16 of the World Cup

I enjoyed yesterday’s England game vs Colombia. – @Mollage_.

Spain vs Portugal. I didn’t watch Argentina lose to France but it seems it was a good game from the reviews – @chassCindy

Belgium vs Japan?.. because I was stressed most of the time. The feeling of joy after the pain is lovely – @Orerochevvie

France vs Argentina – @Ascar29

Spain vs Russia – @antochemii


2. Which two teams do you have for the World Cup Final? 

England vs France for me. Belgium showed how shaky they are vs Japan. They were my favorites. – @Sysca_

Brazil vs Croatia – @Superjohna07

It has to be France with whoever frauds their way to the final. They have the pace for quick counters and squad depth. With their quality players and teamwork it’s their tournament to lose. – @ednahjacksons

Brazil vs Croatia or Uruguay. I’d love for Belgium to win it though tournament inexperience would work against the team. It would be awesome to see Belgium in the final though. – @RamzZy

Brazil remain the heavy favourites for the WOrld Cup

Uruguay vs Switzerland – @ilfabiano

France and some other team – @Orerochevvie

So far, no idea at all. – @jugryf

I have England. – @Mollage_

England ?- @chassCindy

Brazil v Colombia – @CrescAndo

Uruguay v anyone you want to pit against them. – @antochemii

Brazil vs Croatia – @GorKevv

France vs Croatia – @Susan_Mumbua

France vs Colombia – @Ascar29


3. What are your thoughts on the elimination of “big teams”?

The elimination of big teams is what makes the World Cup what it is. It is why we wait for 4yrs. Some of them didn’t even make it to the tournament and that is a testament to its unpredictability – @RamzZy

Refreshing. The shockers make the World Cup more interesting. and I get to laugh at those who lose their money to bookies? – @Orerochevvie

2018 World Cup is like kazi ya mjengo. Leo uko, kesho hauko- unexpectedly. – @Mollage_

World Cup si ya mama ya mtu. The world owes none of these teams anything – @CrescAndo

Best World Cup ever. Tactical quality has improved for ‘smaller’ teams. Possession for possession’s sake is fucked up. – @GorKevv

Germany, the defending champions were eliminated in the Group stages

It’s disappointing but everyone loves an underdog victory. This turned the tournament on its head with giants like Germany, my team going home. – @ednahjacksons

All teams that qualified for the World Cup are big. I think it’s very good for the competition – @Superjohna07

You get what you deserve – @ilfabiano

Good. It’s not a battle for the biggest cojones rather a battle for who can play better and win while at it. – @Sysca_

Good. A big name won’t take you anywhere if you can live up to it on the pitch. – @Susan_Mumbua

Meh! Tournament football negates the notion of ‘big teams’ – @antochemii


4. Which player has impressed you the most?

Luka Modric. He’s been impressive and bossed the games he’s played in. Kylian Mbappe follows. – @ednahjacksons

Kylian Mbappe has been a revelation. We knew had had it in him but to play the way he has been playing at the big stage at only 19 is a thing of beauty. The only time I have been this excited about a young player at a World Cup is when Mesut Özil showed up at the 2010 WC and I wished we (Man Utd) signed him. We should have signed that Owl-eyed German. –@RamzZy

Kylian Mbappe. Coutinho has done well too – @yobran

Easily, Kane. – @Mollage_

Kylian Mbappe – @Superjohna07,@Ascar29, @Sysca_@jugryf

Romelu Lukaku. –@CrescAndo

The Manchester United striker has been an important player for Belgium

Takeshi Inui – @ilfabiano

Japan’s Takeshi Inui. Too bad we won’t be seeing his magic anymore – @sleekgeekbrian

Luka Modric and Kylian Mbappe – @Susan_Mumbua

Luka from Embassava… Including missing the pen, he’s only human after all. – @GorKevv

Luka Modric. Over and beyond my expectations – @antochemii


5. And lastly, VAR. Do you love it or hate it? Why?

The bigger question is, why is VAR still being subjected to hate opinion? Why would something that gives the referee a second, third, fourth or fifth chance to view an incident and make the best decision be a bad thing? Why? – @ilfabiano

No problem with the tech. Perhaps the centre refs need to grow a pair. Was there prejudice against teams from mother Africa? Dunno. Finally, other than Peter Drury, some of these commentators need to be updated on the game’s rules for this tournament – @GorKevv

It’s good when it favors your team but it’s also bad when it doesn’t. Largely, it’s a good thing and with time, things will get more defined and decisions won’t rely on the immediate contact rather than the build-up to the foul. – @ednahjacksons

I hate VAR as long as the ref has the liberty to accept or ignore what he/she sees on it. In some instances, it has been helpful but for the most part, it has been a scam. – @RamzZy

Ibaki Russia. Wastes time. What is football without controversies? Goal-line technology is enough – @Susan_Mumbua

Love it. I hate the referees who are so inconsistent in using it – @Superjohna07

VAR is good. I’d say they should minimize the number of times it has to be looked at. – @yobran

Leave that shit in Russia. Adios! – @Sysca_

Love it. Brings a sense of fairness – @sleekgeekbrian

The ever divisive Video Assistant Referee

Among other issues, it has to stop with the racist tendencies. – @CrescAndo

I don’t think it’s necessary – @Mollage_

I’m indifferent to it. While it takes away the error associated with human judgement, it also takes away the human aspect of the game we love. Make of that what you will. – @antochemii

I think its use should be limited to a few numbers of times. Like twice every half – @chassCindy

Love it. VAR is the answer. EPL refs need it so bad. And if you haven’t noticed, only Man United fans are the ones complaining. We all know why – @jugryf

Like a brand new set of spectacles. Still getting used to it and I know I will get used to it. Fair – @Orerochevvie


P.S We reached out to these fans sometime between the last game of the Round of 16 and the first game of the Quarter Finals. By the time you read this, a lot might have changed regarding the teams that have been eliminated or knocked-out

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