Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Day 9.

May 25, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football : Day 9.

Training has been scanty but at least it is picking up. The lads are resuming training one after the other, albeit too slowly. I think it is about time I stopped blaming the weather and the mud for the poor attendances. I believe the reason for the poor attendance is winning and fear.

We were recently crowned champions. The team achieved something it has been trying to for ages and they rightly deserved the award. The hard work and effort finally paid off. The players now know they can do it. I think the next question is, what next? It is like acing an exam and then staying at the same level. It would get boring.

I also believe that fear is a factor. The fear of being winners and then losing shortly after that. At least without training, there is a plausible excuse… we had not trained and so we are unfit and unprepared for that. However, we got a solution to this. We recently got the chance to join a bigger league. The lads all said we should dive in and that is exactly what we are doing. This is a first for many of us.

It is so refreshing. It is a challenge that we are all excited to face. In the new league, we do not know the referees. (Before the game we usually have a chat with the referees and joke around). They love me. We also do not know the opponents which I believe is the most exciting part.

In such a scenario, there is no chance to be reactive. The team has to devise strategies that work for us and not against the opponents because we don’t know the opponents. Do they have a tall, slow striker? Do they have tiny midfielders? Do they play the offside trap? I know none of these and waiting to find out on Sunday would be rather lazy so I will just play to the strengths of the team.

There are so many questions though. The first game is at home. Do we play attacking football and risk being caught on the counter or do we defend and play for a draw? Of course starting the league brightly is a plus so it’s best to play for a win but will the nerves kick in?

I have so many questions. The players have so many questions too but I can sense we will enjoy the experience and the journey. The new challenge also means that the players will be back for harder training.

See you at new heights. Cheers.

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