Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football :Match Day 4

May 25, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football :Match Day 4

It’s been a tough few weeks. There was that cup we were trying to get into but failed. Before I go into detail about that, I will tell you how dirty football is.

The beautiful game is marred by corruption right from the grassroots. It seems that there is always an easy way out and that way is guaranteed by money, or some offer here and there. Corruption is a culture. It is deeply engraved in the minds of the people. I was told by someone, “Football is not won by the 90 minutes on the pitch, it is won by the 5 minutes on the table.” My face gave an expression of shock mixed with innocence, or in the case of the person telling me that, ignorance.

Anyway, back to the game. I have missed some matches due to personal commitment but I always make it a personal mission to find out exactly what happened. I ask for the events of the match from different people; players, fans and even haters. Talking of haters, I believe that my poor team is the most hated team around. If we are playing against any other team, the fans of whichever team will always support the opponent. In fact, during a game that happened in the same day as the Floyd Mayweather v. Manny Pacquiao fight, the opponent’s manager posted that like Mayweather, my team represents the devil and his team the Lord. This I found very offensive and laughable. That game ended 0-0. A typical derby where the players are afraid to attack so that they are not caught out, the ball spends so much time in midfield and the players spend so much time showing as much individual skill as possible as far away from the goal as possible.

Anyway, the last match was a bonanza. I loathe bonanzas. I don’t see their purpose. The teams play 20 minutes of horrible football which is normally decided on penalties which I can’t watch if my team is playing. Disaster, right?

There were 8 teams in the bonanza. The games were knock-out. You lose, you are out. Our first match ended 0-0. Yeah, dull. We won on penalties. We made a Van Gaal-esque substitution, bringing on another keeper with 30 seconds to go. At this point, I went to attend to other matters. The team again proceeded to the final with a 0-0 draw, won at penalties again. The team lost 2-0 in the final, largely due to the referee’s influence but it meant nothing. The opponent’s only made KSh1,000 more and they played horribly. Oh the opponents were the Lord from the earlier description.

I’m looking forward to the next match-day. It is a potential double match day so I will need to manage the starting 11 well. Till next time….


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