Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football: Match Day 5

June 15, 2015 By @frishee

Diary of a Girl Engaged to Football: Match Day 5

There is always so much talk of how a brilliant manager should know the opponents and their tactics. Have a proper analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and know how to nullify and exploit each respectively. So, what happens when you don’t know the opponents? When you have to wait till match day to see the opponents and their style of play (if they have one)? In the team’s last match I tried to ask around about the opponents and their style of play. The only response I got was that the team was made up mostly of players from Kenya’s neighbors to the North. All that I got from this is that they are really tall, dark like really dark, thin and probably fast. No other information. So, what do you do then?

Anyway, roll on game two of the County. The lads got to play in a good pitch. It’s actually really good. In our first match, from the right side I could not see the left back and the left winger, the field was a hill at the center and it had holes that a 3 year old child could fit in. our home field is World Class when compared to that farm. I digress… back to the game.

We were 1 up in the 4th minute thanks to some great work by the left back and a cool finish by the left winger. The movement before that goal was excellent and all the fans were excited. This looked like those matches the team goes on to win 5-0 but I knew better. The appearance at training was scanty and most of the players were rather unfit. Around the 30th minute, we got the second goal. The goal was a beauty, from a player who plays too much PlayStation. He looped the ball over the keeper (words cannot describe it, it wasn’t the normal looping), then slotted home into the empty net. The celebration was even more exuberant. The beauty of the two goals was that they were scored by the two youngest players on the team. The opponents pulled a goal back before half time. It was a dark moment. The goalkeeper decided to come out of his line, and then midway decided to go back. Indecisiveness. The half ended 2-1. This was also the score at full time.

Second half was spent by the opponents trying to beat our offside trap, fighting in midfield (punches and kicks) and also missed chances. Some of the chances missed… My God! We had a goal disallowed. We are still debating the reason. Others say it was offside, others say it was a handball. I guess we’ll never know.

There are so many areas I would like the lads to improve on. It’s too bad we don’t have time or the space for that. Looking forward to the next game… hopefully a win + many goals. We need the three points.

Anyone with the answer on what to do when you don’t know the opponents should tell me.


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